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NatuBeau 3 Pack Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro

NatuBeau 3 Pack Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro

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  • APPLICABLE MODEL: This screen protector is only compatible with iphone 12/iphone 12 pro. Please make sure you have checked the iphone model before payment. If you don't know your iphone model, you can identify it in your iphone: Settings-General-About-Model Name.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT: Screen protector iphone 12/12 pro is made with high quality 0.33mm thick tempered glass, reaching grade 9 hardness, protects the screen from scratches and bumps.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: iPhone 12 screen protector tempered glass uses nano-electrostatic automatic adsorption technology, so it can be installed in only 2 steps, and anyone can easily complete it with the auxiliary tools we provided. However, before applying the glass screen protector, please take a look at the video on our page, you may have a different experience.
  • ULTRA CLARITY: 99.99% high clarity and light transmission ensure breathtaking visual quality and experience. When you use your cell phone, you can hardly feel the presence of glass protector. High sensitivity provides a soft, comfortable touch feeling and increase pressure sensitivity, which will bring perfect game experience.
  • CASE FRIENDLY: Screen protector for iphone 12/iphone 12 pro is designed to be smaller than the entire screen to prevent bubbling and peeling at the edges. This specific design offers adequate protection for entire area of the display and compatibility with most iphone cases in the markets.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this screen protector real tempered glass?

This iPhone screen protector screen protector is real tempered glass. The flexibility of the glass screen protector is just the same as the plastic material, but its strength compared with ordinary glass is increased through controlled heat treatment or chemical treatment, the tempered glass is a safer glass than plastic glass.

2. Is it friendly to my phone cases?

The tempered glass screen protector is designed to be slightly smaller than the phone screen to prevent bubbling and peeling at the edges. This specific design offers adequate protection for the entire active area of the iPhone's display and full compatibility with most iPhone cases.

3. Is it easy to install? Are installation tools included?

Super easy to install! We offer convenient tools to help you apply your film, including1 x installation frame,3 x wet wipes,3 x cleaning cloth, 6 x guide stickers, 3 x dust absorbersthat make it easy to use and install. Please refer to the operation video on the page.

4. How do I remove air bubbles?

Usually, if you follow the installation instruction we provide correctly, bubbles will not appear. We recommend that before you put your tempered glass screen protector on that you first clean your screen with the cleaning tools in the package to prevent bubbles. If bubbles appear, please remove the alignment tool, wipe and push away the bubbles with a cleaning cloth, and let it air out on its own.

5. Why is my iPhone screen so high-definition and sensitive?

Yes! After using this iPhone screen protector, your phone will be more clear and sensitive! 99.99% optical-grade light transparency, effectively blocking and filtering ultraviolet rays, highly restore the original color of your screen to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience.